The Jump Manual Review – The Program To Increase Vertical Leap

Jacob Hiller Jump Manual  This program runs two times a week (if you perform it more often, the risk of injury will increase significantly). Let’s get started! This is the way the text of the program.

First thing that surprises:  does not say what level of training to be an athlete to get a bonus to jump. Imagine for a moment Jacob Hiller, who after 8 weeks of the program will increase your jump by 25 inches.

I cannot believe. Twice a week – also has questions. It is logical to do day break for muscle recovery. Two days (48 hours) – if the load quite well, sky-high (and here they do not, believe me). So – second slip. The first exercise – run a basketball court 6 times. Cruel! Where is the word about warming up?  About Stretching? Oh yes, we also do not need it, we will increase the same leap of 10 inches and without it! Jumping on straight legs – Do 3 sets of 25 times, increased to 50 jumps each week.

What I will say violated the principle of “quality prevails over quantity.” This is – the extensive way that does not lead to good results  Jump manual testimonials. And yet, jumping straight legs will increase the load on the knees. This is bad. I have after these jumps there was pain in the knees and I immediately ruled out such an exercise of any training program. Each week, increase by 10 seconds.


The Jump Manual Review – Effective Means To Increase Vertical Jump

Jacob Hiller Jump Manual  As an exercise for lower abs – has a right to life. As an effective means to increase vertical jump – is unlikely. Calf raises (calf raises). It is proposed to perform, in a first step, followed by a second, back to the first, second, and again to the last two immediately, 25 reps on one leg and 50 reps on 2 feet. Perform 3 sets a day, gradually increasing them to the last exercise – jumping on the spot, run as fast and jump as high as possible.

Start with 50 and 25 increase each week. Perform 3 to 5 repetitions. The standard practice of most programs to increase jump. I repeat – this is not a program, but a set of exercises. Some of them may themselves be elements of a comprehensive program to increase the jump, and cope well with the role. The program apparently written after reading the Air Alert, because some other way to explain the similarity of exercises and extensive approach (increasing repetition, approaches, etc.) to training, I cannot.

I hope that after this article you will learn how to immediately determine the quality of the Jump Manual program in which progress is based on the increase of sets and repetitions, is not likely to be good. And in this article about the “program” that promises to increase your jump by 10 inches, is over. I hope you understand what its weaknesses.

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